Unwinding: The Classics, Harp Music for Relaxation, Sleep and Meditation

Susan Haas

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This harp music is pure meditative, sleep inducing and relaxation oriented. There is nothing too busy to "Excite" your mind. The target tempo is at or near your resting heart rate and the target range is that of the soothing human voice. The aim is therapeutic, healing and anxiety reducing, rather than a showy or authentic treatment of these classical pieces. These are mere wisps of familiar classic themes meant to be dreamy and sleep inducing.

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Thank you for your interest in my harp music!

I have two CD's here. The Road to Christmas (2016) and Unwinding: The Classics, Harp Music for Meditation, Relaxation and Sleep (2019) 

You can order easily. Two choices: 1) a CD shipped to you that comes with an immediate album download for $15  or 2) a Digital Download for $12. You'll receive an email to the Inbox that is connected to your PayPal account-- so  please UPDATE IT!

Both can be purchased on this page using either a Credit Card or PayPal account. Shipping and Tax will be added to the purchase of the physical CD via PayPal's guidelines.  Please double check your email!

Please contact me at susan@soloharp.com or through the CONTACT page of this website if you have any concerns with placing or receiving your order.

The Road to Christmas

Susan W Haas

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A harpist's relaxing journey of carols and classics that winds through France, Catalonia, Germany, Ireland, England and the Ukraine to ultimately arrive at the cradle of the Lord of the Dance. Think fireplace, a cozy blanket with a mug of hot cider and you have captured the mood of this melodic, soothing album. Many of these tracks are medleys, interweaving classical themes with carols; some, rarely heard and others, traditional and timeless favorites.

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